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Axewomen improve to 2-0 with 78-74 win over Huskies

Axewomen improve to 2-0 with 78-74 win over Huskies

Halifax, NS - In their 2nd meeting in two days, the Acadia Axewomen defeated the Saint Mary's Huskies, 78-74 in AUS women's basketball at the Homburg Centre.  

Saint Mary's opened the game with a striking 3 pointer, but the Axewomen were quick to retaliate – and dominateAt the end of the first quarter, the Acadia Axewomen lead 24 – 19.  

Down by five, the Huskies pressed harder on their offense to put up more points in the second quarter. Huskies put up 20 points and their defense kept the Axewomen locked out. With three minutes left in the second quarter, the Axewomen found their footing and dropped 12 points.  

SMU lead at halftime 39-36. 

Third quarter took a turn as the Axewomen increased the force on their offense and dropped 22 points on the Huskies. SMU, unable to keep their stride from the second quarter put up ten points50 per cent less than their second quarter. Acadia took the lead at the end of the third quarter 57-49. 

The fourth and final quarter had Acadia trying to keep their eight-point lead with the Huskies charging to close the gap. Saint Mary's were able to close the gap by two points but a foul on the Axewomen widened the gap.  Acadia' Lana Adams was two for two on her free throws. An attempted three by the Huskies didn't sink and the Axewomen defeated the Huskies 78-74.  

Subway player of the game was Axewomen's Jayda Veinot, with 15 points, two rebounds and two assists. Acadia player, Haley McDonald had the highest points in the game, dropping a striking 26 points. Huskie's Alaina McMillan followed with a team high of 17 points. 

Maya Palacio for SMU 

Photo Nick Pearce